Rape accuser says Rubenstein fed her pot cookies

The Al Sharpton aide who says she was raped by a prominent Manhattan attorney tested positive for marijuana use in the days after the alleged sexual assault, according to sources.
And her lawyers are now accusing the attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, of feeding her pot-laced cookies.


“Any positive test for narcotics in the system of the victim only supports the belief that she was drugged,” the woman’s lawyers, Keith White and Kenneth Montgomery,
told The Post in a statement.
“Our client was in her attacker’s home just days before the test and it would be consistent with her ingesting something at her attacker’s home where Mr. Rubenstein gave the victim cookies,” the statement said.


White and Montgomery added that their client “does not smoke or do any drugs.”


Sanford Rubenstein slow to be charged in rape to avoid DSK repeat, says accuser’s lawyer

Manhattan prosecutors have been slow to charge Sanford Rubenstein with rape because they fear another high-profile loss — like the one suffered in the bungled prosecution of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.


The bold claim on Tuesday came from Kenneth Montgomery, who represents the 42-year-old accuser.


“I think they want to get rid of it,” Montgomery said, referring to the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. “They don’t want a DSK on their hands.”


Montgomery said the embarrassment over that case has made Manhattan prosecutors gun-shy. “It just seems that there is some sort of pattern that is developing where these women — unless this thing comes tied in a ribbon — the office is taking the position of punting it, unless there’s some smoking gun,” he said. “”hey don’t do that in any other circumstance, and that seems to be very problematic to me.”